Natural free-range poultry is at the heart of the integrated, resilient system. The Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) is supporting system expansion as part of a regional food hub strategy. Spanish-language classroom and field training are the first steps on a path to becoming agripreneurs. The Grow a Farmer fund makes no-collateral financing available to beginning farmers. Main Street Project staff and volunteers from St. Olaf and Carleton colleges at 2013 Hazelnut Field Day.

What We Do

Main Street Project is working to build a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable food system with the power to revitalize rural communities.

What's unique about our approach is that it combines economic development principles and social justice values with a deep understanding of ecological connectivity. What's exciting is that we're moving from a working prototype to a regional solution in Southeast Minnesota.

    Our unique Spanish-language training and our incubator program connect aspiring immigrant farmers with practical resources.   […]

    The Grow a Farmer micro-loan fund finances start-up costs for new farmers on incubator sites.   […]

    Farm incubator arrangements and apprenticeships with established farmers offer opportunities for our beginning poultry farmers.   […]

    Regional partners collaborate to develop resources and infrastructure to launch a regional poultry food hub.   […]

We’re building a sustainable future. Join us.